Daniel 1:8-21

Rit Varriale, Sr. - June 26, 2024

Daniel 1:8-21

Pastor Rit discusses Daniel 1:8-21, emphasizing themes of faith, sovereignty, and prophecy. He reflects on the importance of independence from sin, as celebrated on the Fourth of July, and parallels between current events and biblical prophecy. Pastor Rit also encourages viewers to discern the signs of the times and remain faithful to God's word, drawing lessons from Daniel's life and his refusal to defile himself with the king's food and wine. Pastor Rit emphasizes the need for individuals to examine their lives for areas of compromise and to seek alignment with God's will. He encourages viewers to consider their spiritual responsibilities, especially in raising children, and to avoid the distractions of worldly entertainment that can lead to spiritual complacency. Pastor Rit then discusses a significant event that he believes marks the beginning of World War III, which involves the use of American weapons on Russian territory. He reflects on the gravity of the situation and compares it to the extraordinary times faced by biblical figures like Daniel, Azariah, Mishael, and Abednego, seeking a special measure of divine power to be effective witnesses in these challenging times.

Scripture References: Daniel 1:8-21

From Series: "27-Daniel"

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