Acts 10:44 – 11:18

Rit Varriale, Sr. - June 23, 2024

Acts 10:44 - 11:18

Pastor Rit discusses the significance of Acts 10:44 - 11:18, emphasizing the inclusion of Gentiles in the Christian faith and the role of the Holy Spirit. He reflects on the historical context of Pentecost and its fulfillment in Acts, the importance of the law given to Moses, and the need for a savior. He highlights the transformative power of Jesus Christ's sacrifice and the forgiveness of sins through faith. He also addresses the theme of spiritual rebirth and the assurance of Salvation, underscoring the work of the Holy Spirit in believers' lives. Pastor Rit then delves into a discussion focusing on the spiritual gifts, particularly the gift of tongues, and its purpose for self-edification. He emphasizes the importance of other gifts for the edification of others and the building up of the church. He also touches on the preparation of Cornelius by the Holy Spirit, the significance of baptism as an act of obedience and public declaration of faith, and the necessity of heeding the Holy Spirit's guidance. He warns of the consequences of division within the church and stresses the need for genuine love and unity among believers. He then addresses the impending judgment on nations, including America, for their attitudes towards Israel and the Jewish people, urging the Believer to prepare spiritually for challenging times ahead.

Scripture References: Acts 11:1-18, Acts 10:44-48

From Series: "44-Acts"

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