Bible Studies

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Exodus 8:1-32
Wednesday, 18 January 2017
Passage: Exodus 8:1-32
Series: 02-Exodus
Duration: 1 hr 2 mins 18 secs
Hebrews 12:1-29
Sunday, 15 January 2017
Series: 58-Hebrews
Duration: 1 hr 22 mins 15 secs
Exodus 7:8-25
Wednesday, 11 January 2017
Passage: Exodus 7:8-25
Series: 02-Exodus
Duration: 33 mins 15 secs
January 2017 Communion
Wednesday, 04 January 2017
Passage: Topical
Series: 00-Other
Duration: 30 mins 15 secs
Esther Overview
Sunday, 01 January 2017
Duration: 1 hr 21 mins 10 secs
With what has occurred in the past couple of weeks with the UN's ruling against Israel - Pastor Rit wonders if we will see God turn the tables on Israel's enemies like He did in Esther!
Exodus 7:1-7
Wednesday, 28 December 2016
Passage: Exodus 7:1-7
Series: 02-Exodus
Duration: 35 mins
Christmas Morning 2016
Sunday, 25 December 2016
Passage: Topical
Duration: 43 mins 59 secs
Where was Jesus born? Pastor Rit explores the scriptures for evidence ....
The Star of Bethlehem
Wednesday, 21 December 2016
Passage: Topical
Duration: 1 hr 6 mins 42 secs
Mentioned in Matthew 2:2,7,9-10, "His star in the East" - also called the Christmas Star and the Star of Bethlehem - called the Magi from the East and led to Bethlehem where they found "the young Child with Mary His mother, and fell down and worshiped Him." (Matthew 2:11). But what made this star so special? And how does a star stop over Bethlehem? Why would the Magi follow this star? Pastor Jon Williamson answers these questions and many more! This study is guaranteed to bless you and show once more just how special the Birth of Our Savior is!
Advent 2016: Love
Sunday, 18 December 2016
Passage: Topical
Duration: 1 hr 17 mins 23 secs
This morning Pastor Rit shares on the theme of the 4th Sunday of Advent - Love!
Exodus 6:1-30
Wednesday, 14 December 2016
Passage: Exodus 6:1-30
Series: 02-Exodus
Duration: 42 mins 27 secs